Like many cities, Las Vegas has a perennial pigeon problem. Desert heat and the lack of trees don’t deter them because they’ve adapted to the climate and are happy to roost on buildings. Fortunately, there are ways to keep these hardy avian pests under control. Here are our seven dos and don’ts for managing pigeons in Las Vegas.

  1. Check The Infestation
  2. Don’t Feed The Pigeons
  3. Find Deterrents That Work
  4. Don’t Use Harmful Or Illegal Methods
  5. Keep Your Space Clean
  6. Don’t Ignore Nesting Sites
  7. Seek Professional Assistance

1. Do Assess The Infestation

The first step to managing any pest problem is to assess how bad the infestation is. Are there only a few here and there, or are flocks congregating around your property? Look for the signs:

  • Droppings
  • Nests
  • Collected Debris
  • Loud Bird Noises
  • Major Congregations

Once you have determined the level of infestation, you can better decide which methods to employ to keep the pigeons at bay.

2. Skip Feeding The Birds

This should be a no-brainer. But we’re always surprised about the number of people who think it’s cute to feed wildlife — pigeons included. The problem is, the more you feed them, the more they’ll keep coming back, and they’ll bring others along, exacerbating the problem.

3. Do Implement Deterrents

Here are a few methods to try and stop pigeons from roosting and nesting on your property.

  • Install Spikes Or Netting On Ledges & Other Roosting Surfaces
  • Use Sonic Repellers
  • Add Predator Birds Statues (Hawks, Owls, Etc.)

4. Don’t Use Harmful Or Illegal Methods

The things that kill birds can hurt any living thing in the same vicinity. Poisons strong enough to kill birds can also kill pets and children. Even though most people consider them pests, it’s illegal to kill, hunt, and trap pigeons in Las Vegas. Don’t risk huge fines or potential jail time by choosing the wrong method of pigeon control.

5. Do Maintain A Clean Space

Keeping your outdoor spaces clean is a key step when dealing with pigeons in Las Vegas. All pests, birds included, are attracted to areas with food and water sources. Here are some of the ways you can prevent a pigeon infestation.

  • Seal & Clean Outside Garbage Cans
  • Remove Spilled Food & Liquids
  • Clean Bird Droppings

Following these steps may not solve your pigeon problem, but it can help keep it from getting bigger.

6. Don’t Ignore Nesting Sites

If you see one or more pigeon nests on your property, don’t ignore them. They will lay eggs year-round, so nests need to be removed promptly. Eliminating nests before they become established will help discourage avian pests from viewing your property as an ideal breeding location.

7. Do Seek Professional Assistance

DIY pigeon removal can be challenging. Installing rooftop spikes and spotting and eliminating nests can be tricky business. Our company has developed effective strategies to identify and curb pesky pigeon problems. Don’t hesitate to bring in the experts!

Got Pigeons? We Can Help!

Pigeons are nicknamed “sky rats” for a reason. They can be just as annoying and spread as many diseases as rats. But, whether it’s your home, business, or other property, Flatliners Pest Control can help give you peace of mind.

We specialize in installing bird prevention netting and structural exclusion services throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our pigeon control experts today.

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