Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas offers pest control services for offices and business parks. Managing offices means making sure your tenants have a creature-free environment. You also want to assure potential tenants that rodents, birds, and insects won’t pester them.

Common Pests In Las Vegas Business Parks

Although most of the bothersome desert creatures are quite small, they can cause significant problems in a building or on its grounds. In Las Vegas and surrounding areas, you may be concerned about the following:

The Damages From Rodents You Want To Avoid

Creepy animals will not only damage your office building’s reputation, but also its inventory. Not to mention the damage to the walls, and floors, and they can often cause health hazards.

Searching For Hidden Creatures In Office Parks

You need a company that knows where to look for problems and how to spot the signs of their presence. We will carefully inspect all areas of your business.

  • Public Areas, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Offices
  • Lobbies
  • Storage Facilities
  • Restrooms
  • Landscaping

Offices Have Unique Pest Control Needs

Business parks deserve a special mention when it comes to pest control. They may house more than one type of business and thus may attract several different types of pesky creatures. There is also the fact that office parks consist of more than one building, so they contain more indoor and outdoor space available for critters to hide and multiply.

Discreet Methods Of Pest Control For Offices

Nothing scares away customers and potential tenants like the evidence of an infestation. We specialize in removing and keeping creatures out as efficiently and invisibly as possible.

Las Vegas Pest Control Service

Let us handle all the details of keeping your building(s) clean and free of pesky creatures.

  • Strong & Effective Treatments
  • Safe Treatments
  • Regular Inspections
  • Prices Based On Square Footage
  • Pre-Treatments For Termites
  • Month-To-Month Service Options
  • Discounts For Multiple Properties

Options To Fit The Needs Of Your Office Buildings

We can provide regular monthly service, one-time exterminations, or even a second opinion on how to remove an infestation. All of our services are discreet and professional.

Buying An Office Property?

Let us find all the existing issues with an in-depth inspection. Find out exactly what might be lurking on the property before you purchase it.

Schedule An Inspection Today For Your Offices

Flatliners Pest Control offers quality pest inspections of commercial and residential buildings in Southern Nevada. Our licensed technicians are experts in all aspects of pest management, extermination, and preventing future infestations. Call us today to handle all your Las Vegas pest control service needs.

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