At Flatliners Pest Control, we understand that property management pest control is a serious concern for rental property managers and owners in the Las Vegas area. Both managers and owners work hard to keep their properties at full capacity. However, the same factors making an apartment, condo, or townhouse inviting to humans also invites unwanted creatures.

We want to help you keep your renters safe and your property well maintained with our commercial exterminator services.

Why You Should Schedule Regular Pest Control

  • To Catch Infestations Early
  • Avoid Costly Repairs Due To Structural Damage
  • Maintain Your Reputation As A High-Quality Property

Pests Damage Your Reputation & Investment

Property management pest control is a critical form of maintenance because pests harm rental properties in different ways. Bugs like roaches are unsightly and can lower the value of apartments. Rodents like rats and mice can also cause damage that impacts property values and spread diseases to tenants and pets.

Common Pests For Apartments, Condos & Townhouses

Getting Rid Of Bugs Is Challenging

Insects like ants, termites, and bees actually create colonies or hives that destroy wood and other building materials. Infestations by stinging ants or bees may also create liability problems should they harm renters or guests.

While bug sprays are often available in stores, it is easy to only impact part of a colony or hive. Partially eliminating the group may cause them to migrate or return repeatedly.

Spiders Are Dangerous To Renters

While they are not technically insects, spider infestations can be intimating and dangerous to renters. Las Vegas can be home to both black widow and desert brown recluse spiders. Both creatures have venom that can cause hospitalization or death, especially in pets, children, and the elderly.

Bird Hazards At Rental Properties

Outside, birds can be wonderful to watch. However, pigeons and other birds can clog vents or chimneys with nests. They can damage cars and stain driveways.

No one wants to come home to piles of bird waste on eaves and in front of garages. Some species can even get aggressive when chicks are present.

Roach & Mouse Infestations Happen Fast

The most dangerous pests are those that reproduce quickly. Roaches, rats, mice, spiders, and ants are notorious for how fast they can get out of control. Ignoring a few pests here and there can quickly turn into an unmanageable infestation in a matter of weeks.

Regular Pest Control – We Manage It So You Don’t Have To

That is why it is so important to schedule regular checks so that a professional can search for signs of infestation before it is noticeable. A trained exterminator is actually better at eliminating the problem, rather than just spraying chemicals in random locations.

Inspect Often – Prevent Property Damage

But infestation is not the only concern. Pests like termites can actually damage the frame of the building. Mice can damage electrical wiring and create holes in walls. If left unchecked, pests can lead to costly repairs. A regular pest inspection can help to catch the problem before significant harm occurs to your rental properties.

No Contract Pest Control For Property Managers

Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, offers pest control for managed properties without getting you locked into a contract. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial maintenance plans or to schedule an inspection.

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