At Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, we’re here to help with hornet and wasp control when you start noticing the buzzing of stinging insects around your pool or property. Finding the nests of these aggressive insects and removing them safely is a job best left to the professionals. We’re here to help you identify and get rid of the pests that are bugging you.

Hornet Vs. Wasp, What’s The Difference?

You’re calling it a wasp problem while your neighbor calls it a hornet problem. So, who’s right? The short answer is that you could both be right. Hornets are wasps. There are 22 species of larger wasps called hornets.

If these critters seem to be everywhere, it’s probably not your imagination. Here are just a few of the many types of hornets and wasps found locally in Nevada.

  • Common Thread Waisted Wasp
  • Five-Banded Tiphiid Wasp
  • Yellow Jackets Aka Meat Bees
  • Giant Ichneumon Wasp
  • Black & Yellow Mud Dauber
  • FourToothed Mason Wasp
  • Great Golden Digger Wasp

Pests That Cause Property Damage

When you’re trying to get rid of wasps, it can take a little investigation work. Some wasps nests are easy to spot hanging from trees or eaves. Other times our hornet exterminators will track down nests that have been built over months beneath your siding or inside your walls.

The longer you wait to tackle wasp or hornet control, the more damage they can do to your home or place of business.

A Danger To Pets & Guests

Wasps can sting or bite. And unlike bees that can only sting once, they can continue to attack over and over again. Some pets will learn quickly not to bother these pests, but unfortunately, it’s only after they’ve been stung. The same goes for small children.

You don’t want guests to start avoiding the pool or barbecue area because of poor wasp control. Don’t let stinging pests put a damper on your outdoor fun. Our exterminators can help.

Helping Or Hurting Your Pollinators

Precise pest control takes your landscape and its beneficial bugs into consideration. Parasitic wasps sit in the middle of this equation. Although they can help by preying on harmful insects to your lawn and garden, some also hurt our most beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Get Rid Of Wasps & Hornets In Las Vegas

If you’re tired of tip-toeing around your plants or pool, know of a nest on your property or want to be sure your pets, kids, and grandkids will be ok playing outdoors, call us for hornet and wasp control today. At Flatliners Pest Control we can serve your home or business throughout Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley.

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