Bugs In The Bathroom

Whether it’s the sight of scattering cockroaches or the rustle of silverfish, there’s nothing quite as unsettling as discovering bugs in the bathroom. In the vibrant city of Las [...]

Help! I Have Roaches In My Apartment

Cockroaches are unwelcome guests in any home, and discovering an apartment infestation can be distressing. The good news is, there’s no need to panic – there are effective steps you can [...]

Pantry Pests In Las Vegas

Are insects in your Southern Nevada pantry bugging you out? If so, Flatliners Pest Control is here to help. Let’s discuss common pantry pests in Las Vegas and how to keep them out of your [...]

Summer Ant Infestation: Tips & Tricks

Summer in Las Vegas doesn’t just mean the onset of triple-digit temperatures. It’s also the peak season for many pests, including ants. Finding ants in the kitchen is especially common during hot [...]

How to Handle Scorpion Infestations

Scorpions are a growing problem in the Las Vegas Valley, especially during summer. Finding one in your yard – or worse yet, your home – can be scary, especially if you have pets or kids. So let’s [...]

10 Common Cockroach Hiding Places

If you have seen just one cockroach scurrying across your kitchen or bathroom floor, you know the feeling of disgust it can trigger. But what many homeowners and business people need to realize [...]

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