Don’t let Las Vegas spiders crawl all over your peace of mind. Flatliners Pest Control offers fast, effective, and affordable spider control solutions for both homes and businesses. Whether you’re dealing with a creepy black widow or an army of house spiders, we’ll eliminate them swiftly and safely.

  • Long-Lasting Spider Control Services: Keep them away for good.
  • Best Spider Killer: We use safe and effective EPA-registered products.
  • Professional Spider Removal Service: Prevent bites, let the experts handle it.
  • Natural Spider Repellent Options: We offer environmentally friendly solutions.

Stop wondering, “Does bleach kill spiders?” or “How do I get rid of spiders in my yard?” Flatliners Pest Control has the answers and the solutions!

Affordable, No-Contract Spider Treatment

Spiders are one of the most common pest issues in Las Vegas. If you need to find an affordable spider control, with no monthly contract, then we’re the team for the job! As an experienced spider exterminator, we can get rid of even the worst offenders.

Our team will help you assess what types of spiders have invaded and eliminate them from your home or your business pest-free.

What Spiders Are Found In Las Vegas?

If you’ve noticed spiders creeping around your Las Vegas home, you’re not alone. With over 40,000 species worldwide, these 8-legged critters can be found just about anywhere. But which spiders should concern you?

Common Spiders Found In Nevada

While most spiders are harmless pest controllers, some pack a venomous punch. Here’s a quick guide to common Las Vegas spiders to help you identify them and assess the risk:

Brown Recluse Spider Las Vegas

Venomous & Potentially Harmful

  • Black Widow: Shiny black with an hourglass marking. Highly venomous bite requires immediate medical attention, especially for children and pets.
  • Brown Recluse: Light brown with a violin-shaped marking on its back. Venom can cause painful skin necrosis. Seek medical attention if bitten.
  • Desert Recluse: Similar to the brown recluse but lighter in color. Bite effects are less severe, but medical attention is recommended.

Not Venomous, But Can Still Bite

  • Tarantula: Large, hairy spiders mostly found outdoors. Their bite is mild, but the urticating hairs can cause skin irritation.
    Wolf Spider: Fast-moving, brown or grey spiders. Not dangerous, but their bite can be painful.
  • Hobo Spider: Similar to a wolf spider, but larger and tan-colored. Their bite is harmless but can be painful.
  • Jumping Spider: Small, active spiders with good eyesight. Not harmful, but their erratic movements can be startling.

Generally Harmless

  • Camel Spider: Large, fast-moving spiders found outdoors. Despite their intimidating appearance, their bite is mild and they rarely attack humans.
  • Garden Spider: Large orb weavers with intricate webs. Beneficial for catching insects, they pose no threat to humans or pets.
  • Crab Spider: Colorful spiders that resemble crabs. They ambush prey and are harmless to humans.
  • Violin Spider: This term can refer to both brown recluses and some harmless cellar spiders. Look for the violin marking on the back to differentiate.
  • Funnel Weaver: Funnel-shaped webs may indicate this spider. Most species are harmless, but some can deliver a mild bite.

Remember: If you’re unsure about a spider, it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid contact. For professional identification and removal of potentially harmful spiders, contact a licensed pest control company.

We’re Spider Extermination Experts

Unfortunately, Nevada’s most common indoor spiders include some of the larger and more aggressive types. The black widow and brown recluse are extremely dangerous, and you should seek emergency care immediately if bitten.

Places Spiders Like To Live

  • Foundations
  • Crawlspaces
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Closets
  • Under furniture
  • Corners & Cluttered Spaces

Why are there so many spiders in your house? Las Vegas’ dry climate and abundance of insects make it a spider haven. They’re attracted to moisture, clutter, and easy prey.

How To Get Rid of Spiders

If you see signs of an infestation in your home, contact us right away, so our experienced technicians can identify the spider species and recommend the best course of action. We know the common areas where spiders breed and build their webs. We also know which deterrents do and do not work long-term.

  • Professional Treatment: We use targeted methods (not spider bombs!) to eliminate spiders and their eggs, protecting your family and pets.
  • Long-Lasting Prevention: We help you identify and seal entry points and eliminate attractants to keep spiders out for good.
  • Natural Spider Repellents: While peppermint oil, vinegar, and glue traps may offer temporary solutions, they’re not foolproof. Professional spider control and extermination service is the most effective and reliable way to eliminate and prevent spider infestations.

Long Lasting Spider Control

It’s natural to be afraid or cautious around spiders. If your business or home has been dealing with a pest problem, we will come up with a solution that works no matter the size of the problem. The problem must be assessed and resolved by an expert spider exterminator as soon as possible. Our pest management team can remove nests, webs, and eggs, and will take preventative measures after the process to keep them out for good.

Want Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions?

Spider Control Las Vegas - The Hobo Spider

When you choose us, you will see a benefit to your health and your property. Our product line and removal techniques are safe for pets, children, and the environment. You even have the option of an organic solution.

Other companies may use harsh chemicals and pesticides that have been linked to allergic reactions and severe long-term health problems. Protect yourself and the environment with our stress-free pest control services in Las Vegas.

Wondering how much spider control costs? We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Get a free quote today!

Expert Spider Control In Las Vegas

We take your pest control and spider problems seriously. We believe in doing the job right – with integrity, reliability, and without long-term agreements. If you suspect that spiders have invaded your property, we’ve got you covered. For a quote or any questions about spider control, extermination, and removal for homes or businesses, give us a call today.

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