Arbor Care Program

If you’re interested in weed and pest control services in Las Vegas for your trees, shrubs, or lawn, then allow the professionals at Flatliners Pest Control to assess the various issues you [...]

Lawn Fertilization

Count on lawn fertilization services by Flatliners Pest Control for lush green lawns in the Las Vegas desert landscape. You know us for our stellar pest control services. Did you know we also [...]

Lawn & Outdoor Pest Control

Flatliners Pest Control of Las Vegas is the company to call for lawn and outdoor pest control. Keeping your yard beautiful and your pets safe requires more than a bit of yard work and a sturdy [...]


Rid your property of cicadas by calling Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV. Most people know the bug as a summertime nuisance, but a cicada infestation can cause severe and year-round [...]

Borers, Beetles & Aphids

Trust the experts at Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV to eliminate borers, beetles, and aphids from your yard. If left alone, these bugs can cause severe tree and shrub damage, killing [...]

Spider Mites

At Flatliners Pest Control we can help save your plants indoors or out with professional spider mites pest control services in Las Vegas. The dry, dusty, warm climate of Nevada makes it the [...]