Flatliners Pest Control is experienced in fast and effective pigeon control and removal in Las Vegas. Our experts will handle your pigeon infestation safely and efficiently. We will also suggest preventative measures to help keep the pigeons from returning.

Pigeons Are Messy And Destructive

Pigeons seem innocent, but can actually be quite destructive. Not only are their droppings messy and disgusting, but the acidic nature can stain and erode any underlying surface. This means that those ugly splats on your car and backyard deck can eat away at the paint, causing significant damage. To make things worse, pigeon droppings have a tar-like consistency making them difficult to remove. When you you need to get rid of pesky pigeons, Flatliners Pest Control will get the job done and save you time and grief.
Aggressive Pigeon Issue

Don’t Give These Birds a Reason to Stay

Pigeons will hang around as long as they have access to food and water. The most aggressive birds will try to nest in your roof, chimney, gutters, fences, antennas or even in your wall tops. If you’ve seen pigeons lurking around your property, they should be removed before they do any serious damage to health or property. Besides being messy and destructive, there are other reasons for pigeon removal, including:

  • Pigeon droppings attract pests such as rats, mice, and flies.
  • They chase other birds away from feeders.
  • Pigeons carry the threat of disease.
  • Pigeon nests cause damage.

Your Neighborhood Pigeon Exterminator

Pigeon Control VegasOpting for professional pigeon control has several advantages, not the least of which is saving time and effort. We employ several methods to safely and humanely deal with a pigeon problem. You can rest easy knowing our solutions will not harm your family or your pets. When you contact us, we will evaluate methods to remove the current problem and troubleshoot ways to prevent pigeons from taking up residence in the future. Some of prevention methods include:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Gel Repellent
  • Netting
  • Structural Modification

No Long Term Commitment

BBG LogoFlatliners Pest Control is not like other exterminators. We don’t rely on locking customers into long-term contracts with high cancellation fees. Our customers stay with us because our results speak for themselves. As a certified Bird Be Gone installer, our experts will get rid of your pigeons by using high-quality products that are safe, effective, and long-lasting.

Get Rid Of Pigeons In Las Vegas

If you need help with a pigeon infestation in Las Vegas, we invite you to contact Flatliners Pest Control. We will schedule a consultation or service call to get rid of your pests quickly and efficiently. We’re here with solutions that are not only environmentally safe, but safe for children and pets as well. We’re the Vegas Valley’s pigeon control pros.