As a Las Vegas Valley food service manager, you know the damage bugs can do to your business and your reputation, which is why Flatliners Pest Control is here for you with restaurant pest control. We can wipe out a cockroach infestation, rectify a rodent situation, and take care of other common Southern Nevada pests with long-lasting, effective, and safe products.

No Contract Pest Inspections & Bug Control

Many local exterminators insist on locking you into a costly, long-term contract. That’s not our style. Our Las Vegas commercial roach and rat exterminators work hard to gain your trust and retain you as a customer with proven methods and products that help protect your customers, employees, and bottom line.

Why Pay For Restaurant Pest Control?

Just because your establishment doesn’t have a visible infestation doesn’t mean it can’t happen tomorrow. All it takes is one cockroach or rat slipping in through a crevice or open door for your business to get into trouble. With the spread of social media, a single photo of ants on the window ledge or a roach on the floor can go viral, sinking your credibility and your profits. Prevention is key to protecting your business.

  • Pests Frighten Away Customers
  • They Spread Disease
  • They Destroy Stored Food
  • They Can Gnaw Through Wiring
  • They Can Get You Shut Down By The Health Inspector

Don’t Be A Dirty Dining Offender

Nothing does more damage to a Las Vegas area restaurant’s reputation than appearing on the Channel 13 News segment known as “Dirty Dining.” This show is quick to feature bars, cafés, restaurants, and food trucks that fail their unannounced annual health inspection. Restaurant inspections are available online on the SNHD website for any curious reporter or discerning diner to check. Keeping your restaurant spotless and having regular pest control inspections and service are vital in keeping bugs and rodents out.

Prevent Disgusting Pigeon Droppings

Many restaurant owners focus on the dining area, kitchen, and trash area, but it’s also important to ensure your outdoor diners enjoy a pleasant, pest-free experience. Pigeons aren’t known as sky rats for no reason – their poop can harbor many kinds of disease-causing bacteria and parasites. According to the Southern Nevada Health District, a single pigeon can produce 25 pounds of droppings a year. We can help remedy your outdoor pigeon problems with repellents, spikes, and other commercial pest control measures.

Got Pests In Your Restaurant? We Can Help

Whether you need to knock out an existing problem or prevent a future infestation, our professional restaurant bug inspectors and exterminators are here to help you in Las Vegas. Contact Flatliners Pest Control today to find out more about our no-contract pest control for commercial kitchens and other food service establishments.

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