Pest Inspections

When you need a pest inspection in Las Vegas for residential and commercial real estate transactions, contact Flatliners Pest Control. Our technicians are licensed and experienced in pest [...]

Fumigation Service

Pest fumigation services from Flatliners Pest Control is your best bet for getting rid of Las Vegas insects, spiders, and rodents, once and for all. We offer professional fumigation services to [...]

Ant Exterminator

When you need a reliable ant exterminator in Las Vegas, choose Flatliners Pest Control. We are pros when it comes to exterminating and preventing ants at your property. Ant infestations can be [...]

Cockroach Exterminator

Flatliners Pest Control is an experienced cockroach exterminator in Las Vegas. If you suspect your home has been invaded by roaches, but are afraid of toxic chemical exposure, our pest management [...]

Spider Control & Removal

Flatliners Pest Control is an expert in spider extermination and removal in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team will help you assess what types of spiders have invaded your space and eliminate them from [...]

Scorpion Control

At Flatliners Pest Control, we can help you get rid of stinging pests with scorpion control at your Las Vegas home or business. These creepy-looking critters often show up in our bathrooms, our [...]

Pigeon Control & Removal

Flatliners Pest Control is experienced in fast and effective pigeon control and removal in Las Vegas. Our experts will handle any pigeon infestation safely and efficiently. We will also suggest [...]

Fly Extermination

At Flatliners Pest Control, we can help you with fly control in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV area. Dirty. That’s what most people think when they see flies and for good reason. Don’t let this [...]

Bee Removal

If you live in Las Vegas and are experiencing an influx of bee infestations, then it’s time to call in the bee removal specialists at Flatliners Pest Control. We will quickly eliminate any [...]

Hornet & Wasp Control

At Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, we’re here to help with hornet and wasp control when you start noticing the buzzing of stinging insects around your pool or property. Finding the nests of [...]

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