Ants, roaches, and bed bugs can plague any hospitality business unless you invest in quality pest control from Flatliners Pest Control for Las Vegas hotels or casinos. Have you ever stayed at a hotel and seen a glimpse of some pest scurrying away in the corner of your eye? Maybe it was a cockroach. Maybe it was something else. Regardless, it probably made you feel uneasy, if not outright disgusted.

Professional commercial exterminator services can curb and prevent infestations from the worst kinds of bugs.

  • Get Rid Of Bed Bugs
  • Stop An Ant Problem
  • Cockroach Control

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an absolute nightmare for the hotel industry. These itchy insects are much more prevalent than they were a few decades ago. A bed bug infestation will completely ruin a guest’s stay and mean lost profits and a damaged reputation.

  • Bed bugs grow in large colonies and will bite a sleeping person countless times, producing itchy bumps and general discomfort.
  • These pests are also invasive. As soon as one bed is infested, the entire hotel is at risk.
  • Aggressive, experienced pest control is essential when fighting bed bugs.

Stop Ants In Their Tracks

Ants can be almost as bad as bed bugs. They are just as prolific, and they are frustratingly resilient. They can get into food, beds, and just about everywhere else.

Getting rid of ants is rarely easy. Hiring a professional ant exterminator is often the only way to be certain they are permanently and thoroughly removed from your hotel or casino.

Kick Roaches To The Curb

Cockroaches are often considered the grossest of all bugs. They are attracted to just about any source of water or food. They are stubborn pests. Roaches will find a way into the hotel or casino if you ever stop being proactive.

  • Cockroaches are unsanitary.
  • The presence of cockroaches is a huge turn-off for guests.
  • Cockroach allergies are fairly common.

Affordable Las Vegas Pest Control For Hotels & Casinos

There are plenty of other pests that can mean trouble for any hotel or casino in Las Vegas. Stay ahead of pigeon, rodent, and insect issues and maintain the image you have worked so hard to build for your business.

Flatliners Pest Control is here to serve resorts, hotels, motels, and casinos across the Las Vegas Valley. Contact us today to schedule an inspection, fumigation exterminator services, or to start a commercial preventative pest control plan.


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