At Flatliners Pest Control we can help save your plants indoors or out with professional spider mites pest control services in Las Vegas.

The dry, dusty, warm climate of Nevada makes it the perfect home for one of nature’s most common and destructive plant pests.


Tiny Insects With A Ferocious Appetite

These itty bitty insects are barely noticeable to the naked eye, yet they’ve been known to wipe out acres of crops in very little time. Over time they disrupt and eventually destroy your plant’s ability to make food, store water, and repair itself.

Signs Of A Spider Mite Infestation

Not sure if your plant pests are spider mites? Simply tap a leaf or shake a branch gently over some light-colored surface. If you see specs of dust that move all on their own, you have mites. Here are a few other tell-tale signs.

  • Fruit Not Developing Correctly Or Underdeveloped
  • Feeding Damage As Tiny Yellow Dots On Leaves
  • Silk Threads Or Light Webbing, Similar To Spider Webs
  • Recent DIY Pesticide Application For Borers
  • Gray, Brown Or Yellow Leaves Or Needles
  • Black Dots Or Mite Waste On Plants
  • Distorted Looking Flowers
  • Falling Leaves Or Needles
  • Dusty Looking Leaves
  • Dead Plants

Types Of Spider Mites

These arachnids come from a big family of over 1200 species. They are also related to spiders, scorpions, and ticks. Some of the most common forms you might be dealing with include two-spotted spider mites, red spider mites, or spruce spider mites.

If you use a standard 10x magnifying glass, you can see the 8 legs of adults or the 6 of nymphs or the young. They can look clear, light green, red, orange, yellow, or brown. These bugs do not bite or harm people, but they can be lethal to your garden and houseplants.

It’s Never Wise To Wait

Get rid of this pest as soon as you notice mite damage. Adult females will lay about a dozen spider mite eggs a day. These will hatch in a matter of days and become adults themselves within a week. Then, the cycle begins again, this time in much larger numbers.

As plants suffer from stress, whether from drought or damage, they let off chemical signals. These signals are like a flashing sign to more spider mites in the area of the location for an easy meal just waiting to be devoured.

Our Knowledge Is Your Advantage

Getting rid of this little pest on your own can be a lot harder than it looks. Often, colonies grow even larger after efforts to kill them result in wiping out predator insects that were keeping their numbers down in the first place.

Ladybugs, six-spotted thrips, big-eyed bugs, lacewing larvae, pirate bugs, and red velvet Mites all eat spider mites. Relying on professional pest control from an exterminator experienced with this specific intruder is usually the best, safest bet.

Protect Your Plants Season After Season

We can help protect your outdoor plants as well as getting rid of spider mites indoors with regularly scheduled services. This is especially important in the warmer months during summer and spring when they’re the most active. Their favorite foods are some of your favorite plants.

  • Bedding Plants Like Marigolds & Lantana
  • Ornamental Plants Like Rose & Azalea
  • Garden Vegetables, Melons & Beans
  • House Plants
  • Evergreens
  • Fruit Trees
  • Berries

Spider Mite Control In Las Vegas

Don’t wait for your infestation to reach critical levels or for your infested plants to wither and die. Let us take care of these destructive sap-sucking insects quickly and efficiently while protecting your landscape, garden or decorative houseplants.

Call us at Flatliners Pest Control today to make an appointment for spider mites extermination. Your greenery will thank you with happy, healthy growth.

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