Are rats or other rodents taking over your Las Vegas home or business? Even one uninvited furry creature is enough to make your skin crawl. Pet mice and rats might be cute and cuddly when safely kept in a cage and handled with care, but their wild rodent cousins can cause all kinds of problems.

  • Contaminating Your Food Supply
  • Chewing Through Plastic, Wood & Electrical Wiring
  • Leaving Feces & Urine Everywhere
  • Spreading Diseases & Parasites

Mice & Rats Breed Like … Rodents

It’s a sad fact that these wily critters can squeeze through even very tiny gaps. They breed extremely rapidly and give birth to large litters. Maybe you only had one or two mice to start with, but now they’re everywhere, hiding in closets and cabinets and maybe even inside your walls.

Keeping Rodents Away

Nobody can guarantee that your home will be 100% rodent-free forever. One door left open by accident, or a hole you didn’t notice in a window screen, is an invitation to disaster. However, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the chances of a pest infestation.

  • Seal Holes In Walls, Foundations, & Attics
  • Use A Door Sweep & Screen Door
  • Ensure Window Screens Are Hole-Free
  • Keep Trash Cans Covered
  • Don’t Leave Food Or Pet Food Out
  • Don’t Plant Too Close To the House
  • Keep Your Counters & Sinks Clean
  • Consult A Pest Control Professional

Why Use A Rat Exterminator?

Once furry pests have made their way into a building, it is no easy task to get them under control. You might be tempted to set poisoned traps inside or outside of your home or office, but that could be dangerous or even fatal to children, pets, and other neighborhood animals.

A professional rat or mouse exterminator is your best bet for keeping rodents out of the house or safely getting rid of them once they are inside. Our Las Vegas pest control company uses safe and environmentally-friendly pest control techniques to take care of rodent problems.

  • Thorough Pest Inspections
  • Locate Hidden Points Of Entry
  • Recommend Necessary Repairs,
  • Use Safe Removal & Control Methods

Got Rats Or Mice? Let Flatliners Pest Control Help

We are experts at removing rodents and other unwanted pests from Vegas Valley homes and businesses. Contact us today to schedule a pest inspection.

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