Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV can help you get rid of mice in and around your home. Our mouse control and removal services focus on finding their habitats, entry points, and nests and eliminating them. If you spot mice in your home, this is a sign that more are probably lurking where you can’t see. If you start to see these rodents scurrying along your floor, or hear noises in the wall at night, it’s essential that you call an experienced mouse exterminator to make sure the problem doesn’t persist.

What Kind Of Mice Are You Living With?

Mice are incredibly resilient because of their size and quick breeding ability. Most mice are agile enough to fit through a hole smaller than a nickel, can jump more than a foot and a half into the air, and can even scurry up the sides of walls, similar to a squirrel. Some of the most common species of mice found in our Nevada homes are:

  • House Mouse
  • Long-tailed Pocket Mouse
  • Desert Pocket Mouse
  • Dark Kangaroo Mouse
  • Southern Grasshopper Mouse
  • Cactus Deermouse
  • Canyon Deermouse
  • Brush Deermouse
  • North American Deermouse

Take Away What Mice Love & Need

Because of the Nevada heat, mice’s most significant resource requirement is water and warmth on clear, cold, winter nights. One way to avoid attracting mice into your home is to curtail feeding your pets outside, which will draw the mouse with any leftover food and water sources. Also, be sure to properly dispose of trash in sealed containers.

How Do They Get In?

Mice are excellent hole finders, especially under a home’s foundation. For such a tiny creature, they can wreak havoc on your property. They can also leave behind foul odors from rotting food, urine, and feces. All of these things can become hazardous to the health of both the people and pets of the residence. Aside from the real risks from damage and disease, the idea of mice running around the home is enough to keep you up at night.

Mice Are Known To Be Arsonists

Mice will cause damage to drywall and insulation as they drill themselves into your home to attempt to make their nest. Mice have even caused house fires after chewing through a home’s wiring system. In our desert environment, the risk of fire damage is too high to ignore this potential risk. Call a licensed mouse exterminator to handle the invasion before damage occurs.

Your Experienced Mouse Control Company

A mouse infestation needs swift action to protect your home’s structural damage, decrease the possibility of disease associated with mice such as Hantavirus, and prevent electrical fires caused by mice. If you’ve heard scampering and chewing sounds in your walls, let Flatliners Pest Control help you bring down the mouse population in your Las Vegas home to zero. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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