If you have seen just one cockroach scurrying across your kitchen or bathroom floor, you know the feeling of disgust it can trigger. But what many homeowners and business people need to realize is that if you’ve spotted one roach, there are probably hundreds more lurking nearby. To help keep these pests away, you should familiarize yourself with this list of 10 common areas where these bugs hide out when they’re not nosing around for food.

  • In The Kitchen
  • Behind Furniture
  • Inside Walls
  • Underneath Rugs & Carpets
  • Inside Drains & Pipes
  • Behind Wallpaper
  • Inside Electronics
  • Behind Baseboards
  • Inside Vents
  • Inside Storage Areas

1. In The Kitchen

Roaches love warm, damp areas like underneath sinks and behind appliances. Check for insect droppings around cupboards, cracks in walls, and crevices where bugs can easily hide. Keep food stored in airtight containers and try to clean up spills quickly.

2. Behind Furniture

Cockroaches often hide behind large furniture items such as couches and beds, especially if you tend to snack or eat meals in or near the furniture. Vacuum regularly and clean up all spills and crumbs promptly to help keep pests away.

3. Inside Walls

Roaches can get into your walls through tiny crevices, making it difficult to spot them. To find out if unwanted roaches are living in your walls, inspect wall sockets and ceilings for signs of feces or other insect traces.

4. Underneath Carpets

Cockroaches can often be found underneath carpets, where they love to hide due to the warmth and moisture that these areas provide. To help prevent them from taking up residence under your carpets, vacuum regularly and quickly to remove any food particles or spilled liquids.

5. Inside Drains & Pipes

Insects frequently hide in plumbing fixtures, from kitchen and bathroom sinks to floor and shower drains. To prevent roaches from occupying these areas, keep them clean by scrubbing away any food particles and other debris that insects might find attractive.

6. Inside Electronics

Cockroaches commonly hide inside electronic equipment such as TVs, computers, microwaves, etc. These and other devices provide an easy source of warmth and shelter. To help prevent pests from nesting in and around your home’s electronics, keep them tidy and clean them regularly.

7. Behind Wallpaper

Pests often get behind wallpaper, where they can find shelter and food (wallpaper glue? Yum!) Inspect any loose wallpaper or areas where roaches could gain access and treat them accordingly.

8. Behind Baseboards

Baseboards are an excellent place for roaches to hide as they offer easy access to food sources like crumbs and spills. Always check behind the baseboards for signs of droppings or other evidence of infestation when inspecting your home for roaches.

9. Inside Vents

Vents provide cockroaches with an easy way to enter your home, making it essential to inspect them regularly for signs of activity. Also, keep the area around the vent clean from spilled food or other debris bugs might be attracted to.

10. Inside Stored Items

Insects can easily hide inside boxes and containers where food is present, making it vital to store all food in sealed containers or refrigerators.

Ready To Call A Roach Exterminator?

Sometimes, infestations happen no matter how careful you are.

You’ll need to act quickly if you’ve spotted cockroaches in or around the perimeter of your Las Vegas or Henderson home or workplace. Don’t give these vile pests a chance to spread throughout your property—call Flatliners Pest Control for help now. We offer a full range of residential and commercial pest control services. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your pest inspection and cockroach treatment.

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