Because one cockroach is one too many, Flatliners Pest Control of Las Vegas, understands how important it is to get rid of cockroaches quickly and completely. Nobody wants to think about a roach crawling in your ear while you sleep or legions of these nasties roaming through your pantry at night. Let us help you with safe, effective cockroach control.

That Creepy, Skittering, Flying Pest

When you have a roach infestation, it can affect your lifestyle, comfort, and health. Most people shudder after spotting just one of these disgusting critters. If you have a business, such as a hotel, restaurant, or cafe, seeing roaches can make potential customers steer clear and decide not to visit again.

It’s wise to seek pest control for cockroach problems because they can affect you in many ways, and even be a health hazard.

  • Easily Spreads Through Multifamily Homes
  • Contaminates Food With Bacteria & Feces
  • Makes Your House, Apartment Or Business Smell
  • Spreads Diseases Causing Health Problems
  • Encourages Asthma Attacks
  • Decreases Property Values
  • Makes Guests Uncomfortable
  • Can Cause Restaurant Sanitation Problems

What Causes A Roach Infestation?

Cockroaches love dark, moist places. Food and trash are their favorite snacks. Overflowing trashcans, spills, crumbs, and unsealed food packages are perfect ways to invite a cockroach infestation. Even if everything looks clean, food waste can make its way under the fridge or oven, like hidden bait.

It’s Never Just One

Once you start noticing problems, you might wonder about the signs of a full-on cockroach infestation. If you see one roach in your home or business, it’s very likely you already have an infestation. These bugs reproduce quickly, prefer to hide, and are nocturnal (most active at night).

Signs of an infestation might be seeing roaches during the day, finding dead insects in the kitchen or bathroom, or brown flecks (roach waste) in books, magazines, and newspapers.

Fighting A Losing Cockroach Battle

Once you know you have a problem, you might try to get rid of roaches the DIY way. Bait, traps, and sprays make big promises, but fail to deliver. If your methods of cockroach control are not working, and these pests have no trouble getting in, it’s time to hire a professional like Flatliners Pest Control. These bugs seem invincible, but we know how to take them out.

Beware Of The Nasties Next Door

If you own or live in a multifamily building, such as a townhouse, apartment, condo, or duplex, you can do everything to clean up and still have infestation problems because of a neighbor’s lifestyle. Shared walls and pipes are like a superhighway for spreading diseases, irritating allergies, and ruining foods.

The good news is, if you live in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Anthem, Green Valley, or the surrounding areas, help is just a phone call away. Our Vegas Valley pest control professionals can make your roach problem a thing of the past. We can help even if the neighbors are contributing to the problem.

Your Las Vegas Cockroach Control Pros

Need a reliable home or business cockroach exterminator? Don’t wait for your cockroach infestation to spread or get worse. Contact us at Flatliners Pest Control today to schedule a professional extermination service in Las Vegas.

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