Spring brings flowers, warmer weather, and insects. You may wonder why there are so many bugs in spring. This is a stark contrast from winter when there were hardly any of these creatures to be seen. To understand why there are so many bugs in spring, we first must think about where these pests went during the winter.

Where Do Bugs Go In Winter?

Some bugs do die during the winter and depend upon a few survivors or eggs to bring offspring into the world. However, many find a safe place to hunker down for the winter. They might live under the soil, under logs, rocks, and fallen leaves, inside logs and trees, and inside plants. Some even move into our houses during the cold months.

Insects Take A Long Winter Nap

Most insects aren’t active during the winter. They enter a state called diapause. During this state, bugs don’t grow, develop, or really move at all. Their metabolic rate remains just high enough to keep them alive passing the time until spring arrives.

What Happens To Bugs When Spring Comes?

Because of spending so much time in diapause, spring is very important to bugs. This is the time when the sun is out, it’s warmer, and the first blossoms appear on plants. When insects emerge from their winter slumber, they are extremely hungry and thirsty. It’s very important that they find food fast. When they first wake up, they buzz all about trying to nourish their bodies.

Should I Call A Bug Exterminator In The Spring

Spring is a great time to think about pest control. When bugs first wake up, they need to take care of themselves first and find food. They haven’t had time to lay eggs and create offspring yet. If you opt for residential or commercial pest control in the spring, you can get ahead of bugs before they get out of control.

Get Excellent Extermination Services Today

If you are looking for pest control for your Las Vegas home, call Flatliners Pest Control. Spring is a great time to start a service plan with us for your residential or commercial building. We can do pest inspections, property management, and outdoor services. All of our service plans are month-to-month with discounts for pre-payment for longer lengths of service.

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