A kitchen ant infestation is a common problem for many homeowners in the late spring and early summer months, especially in Las Vegas. The kitchen is everyone’s favorite room. Unfortunately, this also includes tiny pesky guests. At Flatliners Pest Control, we work to eliminate the problem, so house pests don’t come back.

To better understand kitchen ant infestations, you’ll want to be able to recognize which bugs are invading your home.

  • Carpenter Ants – can be black, tan, or red. They’re larger and like hollowed-out wood.
  • Fire Ants – are a red-brown color. They’re smaller in size, prefer sunny areas, and can be aggressive.
  • Black Ants – are tiny; they build under rocks and debris. These are common to house infestations, resting in walls, under the carpet, and inside woodwork.

How Do Ants Get In My Kitchen?

Ants don’t naturally live indoors. They create colonies around your home and send “scouts” out to find water and food. The scout releases a pheromone trail for the colony to follow — this explains why sometimes we see one ant before we see hundreds of them.

How Can You Keep Kitchen Pests Out?

In the hotter months, much of the available outdoor food and water has disappeared, which is why these tiny armies seek refuge indoors. It’s not difficult for them to get inside. They can squeeze through the most microscopic holes, cracks, and gaps in the flooring, doors, and windows.

There are a few common-sense ways to prevent an ant infestation.

  • Clean up kitchen spills right away.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Take out the trash frequently.
  • Keep pet food bowls off the ground.
  • Fix leaky pipes right away.
  • Seal cracks in the exterior, doors, and windows.
  • Keep trees and bushes from touching your home.

Call The Ant Extermination Experts

You’ve taken all the necessary precautions, but you’ve still got ants in your kitchen. One treatment may not control your current bug problems. Ants are one of the most challenging infestations to treat because they are stubborn, intelligent, and travel in groups of thousands.

When you need reliable ant control in Las Vegas, Contact Flatliners Pest Control. Our expert team can rid your home of the most stubborn pests and ensure they stay out.

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