Scorpion-proofing your Las Vegas home can seem impossible! At Flatliners Pest Control, we have put together some tips and tricks to help you rid your property as much as possible of these stinging pests. Some species, particularly the bark scorpion, are more venomous than others and can be especially dangerous to infants, small children, and pets.

Once inside your home, these critters can crawl into your beds, shoes, furniture, and other areas, so prevention is key to keeping your family safe and your home scorpion-free.

Stop – Don’t Stomp!

Many people have a gut reaction when finding roaches, spiders, and other insects inside the house – hit it with something! If you see a single scorpion skittering around your floor, you may be tempted to stomp on or smash it, but doing so can make things worse.

Microscopic babies, dozens per brood, ride on their mother’s backs until their exoskeletons harden; trying to smash the mother can cause the tiny babies to scatter, leading to an infestation.

Getting Rid Of Scorpions

Whether or not you have found scorpions inside your house, the fact is, our desert is an ideal environment for these pests, which can be found all over the valley. There are over 25 species in the area, including some of the most venomous. Here are our best tips for keeping these nasty pests outside your home and away from your yard.

  • Seal potential points of entry. Scorpions are masters at finding and squeezing through small cracks and gaps. Use caulk to seal crevices and windows, and make sure your weather stripping and door sweeps are in good condition and provide tight seals.
  • Remove debris from around your home. Piles of wood, landscape clippings, leaves, and other items provide shelter to all kinds of pests.
  • Don’t leave shoes or clothing items outside. Scorpions love to crawl inside dark places. If you have accidentally left clothes or shoes outside, make sure to shake them out thoroughly before putting them on so you don’t get stung.
  • Keep your palm trees skinned and trimmed. Bark scorpions love to hang out in the base of palm tree bark and low-hanging fronds.
  • Use fine wire mesh on vents. Scorpions are good climbers and can enter a building through roof vents. If you have open vents, don’t block them, but use a well-sealed fine mesh to block pests from entering your home.
  • Be water-smart, and don’t overwater your landscaping. Scorpions can live a long time without food so long as they can find a water source. Fix leaks quickly and don’t allow water to pool on the ground.
  • Keep your potted plants on stands. Scorpions like to burrow under pots, so keeping plants off the ground eliminates many hiding places.
  • Use a pest control service. Ordinary garden-variety pesticides won’t work on scorpions. You need a professional service with exterminators trained in specialized control and removal techniques.

Hire A Scorpion Exterminator In Las Vegas

If you have found scorpions in your home or are looking to prevent a future infestation, Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas can help. Contact us today to schedule a pest inspection and service appointment.

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