Even if that vile little critter in your swimming pool isn’t a cockroach, it doesn’t belong there, and Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, Nevada, can help you not only identify it but exterminate it as well. Sin City is home to a slew of creepy-crawly critters, including four different types of cockroaches.

Don’t allow your swimming pool or house to become host to bothersome bugs when pest control can help and is just a phone call away.

Types Of Roaches In Vegas

There are over 4000 types of cockroaches worldwide, and Las Vegas, Nevada, is home to four of these. Cockroaches can exacerbate allergies and are proven carriers of approximately 33 different kinds of bacteria.

So, while roaches don’t bite or sting, they can still prove harmful to your health if left to infest.

  • American Cockroaches (aka Palmetto Bugs) – Reddish-Brown With Yellow Figure-8 Pattern On Head
  • Oriental Cockroaches – Jet Black Or Dark Brown, Shiny
  • German Cockroaches – Light Brown To Tan, Two Dark Stripes
  • Australian Cockroaches – Reddish Brown With Prominent Yellow Stripes

Why Is That Bug In My Pool?

All of these roaches seek out food and water sources, including your swimming pool, spa, and other outdoor leisure areas. This can put a real damper on pool parties, barbecues, and the fun in the sun many of us moved to the Vegas Valley to enjoy.

One female can produce an endless supply of offspring, making them difficult to get rid of once they get a foothold. For this, and many other reasons, it’s highly recommended that you seek out professional cockroach control ASAP.

I’m Still Not Sure What I’m Looking At

It’s possible that the critter in your pool is not a roach at all. It may be one of Nevada’s roach-like imposters. It doesn’t have to be a cockroach infestation to creep out guests and partygoers. Let’s take a look at some other typical pool invaders.

  • Water Boatmen – Oval-Shaped, Brown To Greenish-Brown, Large Eyes, Longer Rear Legs
  • Backswimmers – Long & Thin, Light To Medium Brown, Upside Down Swimmers
  • Ground Beetles – Deep Red Or Reddish-Brown, Long Antennae
  • Mydas Fly – Wasp-Like While Flying, Roach-Like While Walking

Different Types Of “Waterbugs”

American roaches are often mistaken for and called “waterbugs,” but the true waterbugs are the water boatmen and backswimmers. Water boatmen are harmless. They feed on the algae in your pool. In fact, their presence may indicate that you need an algaecide for your swimming pool.

Backswimmers can be easily identified by their quirky ability to swim on their backs. These insects can have a painful bite, similar to a wasp sting. Their presence in your pool more than likely means that you have other insects taking up residence there. Backswimmers eat other bugs such as the water boatmen. Getting rid of one pest can help you get rid of the other.

Ground beetles and Mydas flies, while mostly harmless, may also seek water from your swimming pool. Unfortunately, attracting some types of beetles may cause devastation to your trees and shrubs.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control In Vegas

Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, Nevada doesn’t make you commit to lengthy contracts and has a wealth of experience getting pool pests under control before they can cause lasting problems to your home, office, or yard. Contact us today to schedule your pest inspection and let us exterminate your roaches and roach imposters.

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