When something creepy and crawly is in your Las Vegas home, we at Flatliners Pest Control understand that one of your first questions may be, “is it dangerous?” To help you make the best decisions about your extermination needs, we’ve put together a list of some of the most dangerous bugs in our area.

Scary Bugs For A Reason

A roach skittering across the kitchen or ants trailing into your trash can, usually make us feel disgusted or annoyed. However, some house pests pose a more serious risk. Poison, pain, and disease are a real threat if you encounter any of these harmful critters unprepared.

  • Black Widow
  • Brown Recluse
  • Striped Bark Scorpion
  • Camel Spider
  • Kissing Bug

Poisonous Insects In Las Vegas

Wolf spiders, hobo spiders, and desert tarantulas all call Nevada home, but believe it or not, these arachnids are not considered harmful to humans. With bites compared frequently in danger and pain to a bee sting, they’re still worth getting rid of, but not likely to cause you severe and lasting harm.

Black widows, brown recluses, and striped bark scorpions, on the other hand, all pose genuine risks of harm to pets, children, the elderly, and immunocompromised people. It’s important to recognize these pests and the dangers they pose. We’re here to help.

Black Widow Bites

Black widows are slightly larger than a paper clip with a black body and colored hourglass-shaped marking on the underside of their round abdomen. They should not be underestimated just because they are small. A black widow’s neurotoxin-filled bite is considered 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s.

Brown Recluse Bites

The brown recluse is a little harder to distinguish from other species of spider. They are also known as the fiddleback spider, brown fiddler, or violin spider. Because their toxic venom is dangerous and can cause necrosis, it’s crucial to be able to discern these bugs from their more harmless look-alikes. 

  • 1/4 To 3/4-Inch In Size
  • White, Brown Or Very Dark Gray
  • Necrotic Bites (Skin Around The Wound Begins To Die)
  • Violin-Like Markings Near The Head With A Line Reaching Back
  • Short, Fine Hairs
  • 3 Pairs Of Eyes (6 Total)

Bark Scorpion Stings

The bark scorpion is the most venomous scorpion species in North America. Paralysis, convulsions, and difficulty breathing can all result from this scorpion’s sting. Side effects of these stings can last for up to three days.

Bark scorpions are around 3 inches long, yellow to orange in color, and have slender bodies with thinner tails and pincers. Stripes run from head to tail. These are the only American scorpion species that are willing to live in colonies.

You Don’t Want This Kiss.

You may know kissing bugs as conenose bugs, assassin bugs, or even vampire bugs. They do feed on the blood of both people and pets, but the real threat lies in their ability to spread a disease knows as Chagas.

Kissing bugs feed around your mouth and defecate there. Their feces cause initial Chagas infections. You’ll find them close to an inch long with orange or red bands around the edges of their body.

Prevent Or Treat An Infestation

Don’t wait until after a harmful bite or sting to worry about these unwelcome houseguests. If you think you see one of these critters crawling around your home, call us. A pest inspection by our Nevada area exterminators can help uncover possible infestations.

Get Rid Of Dangerous Bugs In Las Vegas

Protect yourself and the people closest to you from dangerous bugs with insect, spider, and scorpion removal services in Las Vegas, NV from Flatliners Pest Control. We offer both residential and commercial pest control. Getting rid of what’s bugging you can be as simple as picking up the phone. Call us today to schedule your first service.

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