Stop cockroaches from ruining your Las Vegas restaurant’s reputation. Nothing drives away customers and attracts the attention of health inspectors like roaches crawling on the floors, walls, or windows of your restaurant.

Word of mouth travels almost as fast as cockroaches breed, so if you spot even a single roach in or around your restaurant, you need to act quickly. At Flatliners Pest Control, we’ve put together some tips to help you evict these little health hazards before they cost you big.

Bugs Are Bad For Business

It is a sad fact of life that restaurants are prone to pest infestation, especially when it comes to cockroaches. These germ-spreading, disease-carrying insects thrive in restaurants, which provide an abundant source of food, water, and shelter for all kinds of six-legged pests.

Even the cleanest-looking eating establishment may have hidden bits of food residue, cardboard boxes, paper products, and other items that scavenging cockroaches will happily eat if other food is not available.

  • They Scare Away Customers
  • They Can Cause You To Fail Inspection
  • They Spread Bacteria & Disease
  • They Affect Employee Morale
  • They Contaminate Food
  • They Leave You Open To Litigation

Preventative Pest Control

Restaurants don’t become cockroach-infested overnight. In fact, roaches are attracted to areas with a reliable food and shelter source, such as under cabinets and stoves, in the backs of pantries, and near trash cans.

  • Clean Throughout The Day
  • Sweep Out All Nooks & Crannies
  • Mop Thoroughly
  • Wipe Down All Surfaces
  • Remove All Garbage
  • Store Food Properly

Got Roaches? We Can Help

Whether your restaurant already has infestation problems or you’re looking to prevent a problem from developing in the future, we can help. Our team provides commercial pest control, preventative treatment, and extermination services throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and the surrounding communities. Contact Flatliners Pest Control to schedule a restaurant pest inspection today.

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