Spring is quickly approaching and for many of us, that means Spring cleaning. As you spruce and fix things up, it’s the perfect time to also make sure your home and yard areas pest-free as possible.

Various outdoor pests including ants, spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, and rodents will go out of their way to get into your home. We’ve put together 5 spring cleaning tips to help you kick those unwelcome guests to the curb, and keep them there.

  1. Seal cracks around your windows and the foundation of your home.
  2. Dispose of trash in your kitchen on a regular basis.
  3. Trim trees and bushes near your home.
  4. Eliminate clutter in dim and damp spaces.
  5. Reduce moisture and get rid of pooled water.

1. Seal Pests Out

Roaches and rats don’t belong in your home. Unfortunately, they may be sneaking in through gaps in your window frames or cracks in the foundation. An easy fix for this is to fill them with caulk. These seals help to eliminate easy entrances for pesky invaders. Not sure where to look? A pest control service can do a thorough inspection for you.

2. Keep Things Clean

Keeping your kitchen clean is a great way to keep ants away. Sweep the floor at least once a day, wipe all countertops and surfaces with warm, soapy water, and don’t leave any trash or stray pet food on the floor. If you’re still seeing mouse droppings, cockroaches, or ants in the kitchen, call in the pros. You may have an infestation that needs to be addressed.

3. Spruce Up The Outdoors Too

Rodents and bugs love to hide out in trees, bushes, tall grass, and stray piles of leaves. Trim the trees and bushes, especially any that touch your home, cut your grass on a regular basis and rake up the leaves. A pest control specialist specializing in arbor or lawn care can also come out and spray your yard.

4. Beat The Bugs By Organizing

A great way to get rid of pests and keep them from gathering in your home is to reduce clutter. Insects love dark, dank places to hang out. Organize things into boxes and get them up off the floor onto shelves.

5. Pests Love Moisture

Moisture and pools of standing water will attract many pests, including mosquitoes and rodents. A damp basement will also be very inviting to cockroaches, silverfish, sowbugs, and earwigs. Getting a dehumidifier or a fan to circulate the air can help dry the dampness. Pools of water in your yard should be eliminated to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs and deprive rodents of drinking water.

Extra Tip – Call A Las Vegas Exterminator

Determined to get a jump on pests this spring? Call Flatliners Pest Control to get the job done right. We’ll get rid of any problems you uncover as you clean and help you keep critters out with thorough inspections and effective treatments.

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