Your Nevada pest control specialists at Flatliners Pest Control can help you get rid of mice in and around your house and help ensure their nests are exterminated. If you spot one mouse in your [...]

Borers, Beetles & Aphids

Trust the experts at Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV to eliminate borers, beetles, and aphids from your yard. If left alone, these bugs can cause severe tree and shrub damage, killing [...]

Cricket Pest Control

Because no one wants a noisy houseguest that puts holes in the sheets, at Flatliners Pest Control, we’re here to help you with cricket pest control in Las Vegas. They skitter, they hop, and man [...]

Roach Exterminator

For an experienced roach exterminator in Las Vegas, contact Flatliners Pest Control. If you suspect your home has been invaded by cockroaches but are afraid of toxic chemical exposure, our pest [...]

Termite Control

Let the experts at Flatliners Pest Control of Las Vegas provide your home or commercial property with termite treatments, inspection, extermination, and removal. Our technicians are licensed for [...]

Ant Exterminator

For a reliable ant exterminator in Las Vegas, choose Flatliners Pest Control. We are the expert when it comes to removing, eliminating, and preventing ants at your home or property. Ant [...]


At Flatliners Pest Control, we can help you get rid of scorpions in your Las Vegas home. These creepy-looking critters often show up in our bathrooms, our desert landscaping, and occasionally [...]

Spider Control

Located in Las Vegas and serving customers throughout Henderson, Summerlin, and Boulder City, Flatliners Pest Control has the expertise to handle your spider infestation problems with ease. Our [...]


Rid your property of cicadas by calling Flatliners Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV. Most people know the bug as a summertime nuisance, but a cicada infestation can cause severe and year-round [...]

Bee Removal

If you live in Las Vegas and are experiencing an influx of bee infestations, then it’s time to call in the bee removal specialists at Flatliners Pest Control. We will quickly eliminate any [...]

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